The heritage of the Chambers brand of cooking appliances is truly a piece of American history. The original Chambers Corporation was founded in 1912 by John E. Chambers of Shelbyville, Indiana with one defining mission – to design and build a truly better range for the kitchens of American homes. Chambers products quickly developed a reputation for exceptionally advanced design, durable construction and superior insulation.

Built to last, many Chambers stoves manufactured in the middle of the 20th century are still in operation today. In fact Chambers stoves are one of the most collectable home appliances in the world due to their unique appearance and reputation as being practically indestructible.

The Chambers brand is an ideal choice of companies looking for a premium mark for high-end cooking ranges, ovens or even outdoor barbecues.


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    Gas and electric stoves featuring ranges, surface ranges, ovens, barbeque grills and kitchen range hoods

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