JMM Lee Properties, LLC is the owner of a diversified portfolio of fashion, telecommunications, and home appliance trademarks including flagship brands Bendix, Packard Bell, AirTouch, Litton, and Slates.

JMM Lee creates value by licensing its brands to leading manufacturers and retailers worldwide. As one of the nation's leading firms offering brand licensing services, JMM Lee develops and manages numerous licensing programs within a variety of product categories.

What Is Brand licensing

Most consumers make purchasing decisions based on brand trust and recognition. But despite their power in the marketplace, most people know little about the impact brands and brand licensing have on their purchasing habits.

In the world of modern retailing, many of the biggest and most popular brands are actually licensed to independent manufactures, who in turn, pay the brand owner a royalty fee for the right to use the mark on goods or services. This is called brand licensing.

What We Do

Even the most ground-breaking product can struggle in today's crowded retail environment. Building a respected brand and creating consumer loyalty takes considerable time and investment.

Though licensing, JMM Lee unites our well-known brands with your innovative goods, enabling you to go to market with an established brand that consumers know and trust.

You oversee manufacturing and control distribution, while we provide the brand name, oversight and guidance. The result is a profitable product launch that cuts though the brand clutter to position your product at the top of the retail food chain.